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A culinary journey through the Mediterranean

Dalia brings together the finest ingredients from around the world, for an innovative take on Mediterranean cuisine.

Upon arrival, you’ll be transported into a magical sanctuary that blends design, comfort and impeccable food.

Our relaxed and laid-back lunchtimes make way to lively evenings as soon as the sun sets. The breezy, seaside-inspired design is bursting with color and patterns making it a reflection of the sun-kissed vibrancy of Miami.

Uplift your senses at Dalia. After all, life happens at the table.


Dalia is a Mediterranean restaurant focusing on fresh ingredients, offering a modern interpretation of classic dishes as designed by INK corporate chef Patrick Ochs.

“It’s been a great journey to have been able to develop what feels like such an innovative take on coastal Meditteranean cuisine. With its seafood-centric menu and offerings created using the best ingredients sourced from around the world, Meet Dalia will really showcase some beautiful, unique offerings,” says  Ochs of his newly developed menu.  

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640 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL